“Auto Transport” Free Quotes

If you are in need of Auto Transport services you will most likely start your search on the Internet. The Internet is now a super competitive marketplace with many companies fighting for search engine supremacy. The keyword Auto Transport will result in pages full of auto transport brokers and vehicle shipping broker companies.

The process of auto transport will start when you request a free rate quote. Before you fill out the free quote request be sure to read what is involved with submitting your personal information. Some companies have the luxury of selling transport inquires in the form of transport leads to other transport brokers. These companies that sell your transport inquiry are usually on the first page when you search the keywords Auto Transport, Car Shipping, Auto Shipping etc..

When you request a quote from other transport companies your inquiry might be sold to 10 or more auto transport brokers. The auto transport broker companies will have salesmen calling you to try and sell their companies services. For the most part all of the brokerage companies will provide the same service. When you decide on a transport company  you will need to commit to their service by making a deposit on a percentage of the total transport cost. The deposit is the brokers fee for the service that they provide you. The balance of the transport cost will be paid to the transport truck on arrival at the destination. You can pay the balance in cash, cashiers check, or money order. You may be able to give the carrier a personal check but you will have to let the broker and carrier know ahead of time.

The brokers will list your vehicle on a nationwide load board viewed by truck drivers and transport carriers. This load board lists vehicles that need to be transported all over North America. The carriers will call the broker on the load they posted on the nationwide load board according to the specific route that they will be traveling. The carrier will discuss the load details with the broker and come to an agreement and accept the transport job. Along with your vehicle the carrier will have other vehicles that went through a similar process. As mentioned before the service provided by all auto transport companies is basically the same. However the only difference can be price and customer service.

Everyone is expecting to find that bargain deal  but the truth is the price might only vary by $75.00 the most. The customer service is probably the biggest difference between auto transport brokers and should be more of the determining factor when choosing which company to give your business. Some companies are eager to get your business but fall short on customer service. Auto Brokerage companies have sales people that are there just to make the sale. Any problems or questions that might arise during or after transport might go through a customer service rep which only job is to deal with problems. Customer Service might not be as nice and informative as the salesman who got your business. The Auto Transport company that can answer all your calls, questions, and concerns should be the company you choose. Things happen all the time and a good broker should be there to smooth out any problems.