Exotic Car Transport

Exotic Car Transport is the transport of any vehicle that is either rare or of high value. Most Exotic Car Transport is on enclosed car carriers. In very few cases is Exotic Transport carried out on open car carriers. If a vehicle is to be transported on an open car carrier, it is usually a short distance transport job. Situations that an open carrier would be used to transport an exotic car may be a road side breakdown, transport under 150 miles, and other minor instances. The decision to transport an exotic vehicle on an open transporter should be heavily weighed against the risk and nature of the transport job. For the most part, all Exotic Car Shipping is carried out on enclosed car carriers. Enclosed car carrier trailers are suited for carrying exotic vehicles that require the ultimate protection when loading, unloading, and during transport. The loading and unloading of vehicles on car hauler trailers is probably equal to the risk of road transport. Enclosed carriers have special loading apparatus that allows ease and safety when putting the car on and off the trailer. Most exotic vehicles may have very low ground clearance which could cause vehicle damage when the vehicle is being loaded or unloaded on a trailer. The angle of the loading ramps that the vehicle drives onto needs to be very small. Enclosed trailers have very flat angled ramps to load vehicles which decreases any damage that may occur during loading. Open Carriers tend to have higher angle ramps that tend to be too sharp of an angle to load lower ground clearance vehicles. Besides the advantages of loading ramp angles, enclosed trailer transport protects vehicles from road debris or any foreign objects. Enclosed carriers have enclosures made of canvas material, sheet metal, or aluminum. This ensures that no road debris such as rocks, tree limbs, and other flying objects make direct contact with the vehicle being transported. Moreover, exotic transporters have to know how to strap and tie down the vehicles being transported, using a higher level of cautiousness. Regular vehicle transporters use chains to tie down vehicles. For exotic vehicles and many higher priced vehicles, steel chains are not even an option. Special straps made of nylon and non abrasive material have to be used. Most exotic transporters carry less vehicles, which increases their attention to detail. They can carry 1 to 7 cars at a time fully loaded. Exotic Car Haulers also carry adequate property insurance which insures that if any damages occur, the exotic vehicle will be covered. You can also trust that our Exotic Car Transporters have more than enough experience transporting exotic vehicles.