How Auto Transport Works

Auto Transport is the process of moving any vehicle by train, ship or truck. When you are looking for vehicle shipping you will¬† probably start your search on the Internet. The Internet is filled with mostly auto transport brokers that will arrange the shipment of your vehicle with car haulers or ocean shipping companies. The process is fairly simple, you find an auto shipper that meets your needs or budget then you arrange a shipping date. To initiate this process you will need to commit to the auto shipper by paying a deposit on the transport job. The transport company will need your vehicles information such as the year, make, model, vehicle condition, the complete origin/destination address along with contact phone number to the person releasing and receiving the vehicle. The auto transport company will then find the proper car carrier to transport your vehicle within the estimated time frame. Before or on the date of shipment a carrier will contact you and arrange an estimated pickup time. You or the person releasing the vehicle will need to meet the transporter at a location where the car carrier can load and maneuver his or her transport truck. Car Carriers can be 25ft to 60ft long so regardless of how big a car carrier is more space will make loading and unloading easier. When you meet the transporter they will ask if there is any additional information that should be known concerning the vehicle being transported. The transport driver will thoroughly go over the condition of your vehicle and make note of any damages or defects to your vehicle on an inspection report. The driver will keep a copy of the inspection report and also give you a copy. This condition report will make sure that there is no discrepancies concerning the vehicle’s condition when it reaches the destination. The driver will then load your vehicle onto a car carrier tractor/trailer. The transporter will secure your vehicle by straps, chains, or both and make sure your vehicle is safe for transport. Your vehicle will now start on it’s transport journey. When the Car Carrier is within 4 to 24 hours away from the destination drop off the driver will alert the receiving party of the vehicle. Whoever shall be receiving the vehicle will need to arrange a time and place to meet the car carrier to receive the vehicle. Once again the area¬† to meet the car carrier should have adequate space for the car carrier to maneuver. The drop off location should be well lit so that the transported vehicle could be inspected for any damages. That concludes the transport process.

Some other tips to help your car shipping experience go smoother are… Make sure your car is ready to ship. Make sure no personal items are left in the vehicle. Take pictures of your vehicle before transport and at delivery. Have backup plans in case vehicle shipping is delayed. Have a extra contact persons at pick up and drop off locations in the event you are not able to release or receive the vehicle.

If you want to check on the status or info of any transport company you can go to FMCSA website. There you can view any legal transport company by USDOT (United States Department of Transportation), MC # (Motor Company Number) or name.