How do I pay for Auto Transport

Auto Transport and Car shipping companies in North America and Canada operate mostly the same way when it comes to paying for transport. For transport to begin, all auto transport companies and auto shippers will require a deposit. This deposit insures that you are committed to the transport terms and to the transport company that will be in charge of your vehicles relocation. The deposit must be paid before the transport truck is in route to your vehicles origin. The total cost of your vehicles transport job minus the deposit will be due at the time of delivery in the form of cash, check, cashiers check or money order. Most auto transporters prefer cash or money order unless prior arrangements are made. If you cannot be present at the time of delivery, you will need to make arrangements for someone to receive and pay the vehicle transport truck. If you have problems releasing or receiving your vehicle, checkout our article titled “Using a towing or storage company to release/receive your vehicle.”

For any auto transport services, it is best to pay a deposit before transport, then pay the balance at delivery. This method has been proven to be the easiest and safest way. You may also pre-pay for transport services by sending a cashiers check, wire transfer, personal check, or business check at time of pickup. When paying for transport services make sure you understand the companies payment terms. Some companies do not refund deposits which is understandable in certain cases. Most of the large transport companies have a lawyer written agreement that will forcefully bind you into paying for the brokers service fees regardless of  the outcome. Most companies are straight forward with returning customers deposits if transport services can not be provided. When you are about to place a deposit for vehicle transport, you must be sure your automobile is ready to ship. If you delay the transport schedule while it is in progress you cannot blame the transport company for any further delays. You must also understand that auto transport is not guaranteed service regardless what a company may tell you.  After you book a vehicle transport service from an auto transport company there is a 2 step process that will be carried out before your vehicle is picked up.  For more on the transport process you can view our other articles: “How Auto Transport Works” or “How Long Does Auto Transport Take” .

We recommend that you, the shipper, understand how auto transport works from start to finish. If you have any questions, the auto transport company handling your transport should be more than willing to explain how the whole transport process works.