International Auto Shipping

International Vehicle Shipping is the transport of any motor vehicle via ocean freighter or even shipping via airplane. To ship any vehicle overseas certain documents must be present in order for the vehicle to leave the United States or any point of origin. In this article we will discuss the shipping of vehicles from North America to any countries overseas. To ship any automobile out of the country certain documents will need to be filled out and present at the time of shipment. Anyone who sends vehicles from one country to another is called an vehicle exporter. The exporter of the vehicle needs to have the title for the motor vehicle, a bill of sale, if someone is shipping the vehicle for you they will need a power of attorney. The power of attorney is you the exporter giving permission to the person in charge of shipping the vehicle for you. More than likely the vehicle that will be shipped will need transport from it’s present location to the port of origin. The company or person in charge of of transporting your vehicle needs to have all the paperwork in order to make things move smoothly. In our experience transporting export vehicles it is absolutely important to have all the proper paperwork ready to hand over to the international shipping company. The last thing anyone wants is the vehicle being turned back at the port of origin. That is a brief explanation of how International Vehicle Shipping is carried out. Free Quote