Auction Auto Transport

F.D.A.T. provides transportation for all auction bidders. We have transported vehicles from, Ebay, Richie Bros, Gov Deals, Ride Safely, Florida Auto Auctions, Manheim Auctions, Mecum Auto Auction, Barrett-Jackson and more. Auction Transporters  have vast amount of experience transporting  all types of vehicles in all types of conditions. Auction vehicles are usually sold as is, which means that the condition of the vehicle can range from a normal running vehicle to a severely damaged non running vehicle. What these means to a transport company is that the condition of the vehicle cannot be determined unless they receive accurate information on the vehicles condition or the transport company physically inspects the vehicle upon pickup. Carriers that haul multiple vehicles have to load cars on their trailer according to drop off scheduling. A vehicle that may not run needs to be strategically placed on the trailer to avoid loading and unloading problems. Most Carriers can only unload vehicles off of their car trailer one way only. If a non running vehicle is placed behind a running vehicle it will certainly pose a problem. All auto carriers are fully aware of how to load a car trailer with all types of vehicles in all types of conditions. What needs to be stated during arrangement for transport is the vehicles current physical  condition. An auction vehicles condition can range from a perfectly running and driving car to severely damaged with missing wheels and all. For damaged vehicles the most important thing to know is the extent of the damage. Some vehicles may have severe body damage but may still have all wheels and be able to run and drive. A vehicle that rolls and steer can be loaded and unloaded with a little extra effort. A vehicle that cannot roll at all will need to be loaded and unloaded onto a car carrier trailer by a crane, forklift, or wrecker. Knowing everything about the vehicles physical condition will make the transport process easier for everyone. Whichever company you decide to use for transport of your auction vehicle it is best to know that they have experience transporting damaged or non running vehicles. Many times we have heard of customers hiring a company to move their vehicle and then end up being charged unexpected extra fees for a non running vehicle INOP. Send the transport company that you may be planning to use picture of the vehicle in it’s present condition to avoid any misunderstanding.