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Car Transport Florida

Posted on April 16th, 2010 by admin

The state of Florida sees more auto transport request inquires than any other state in North America. Florida has the most amount of visitors that will most likely be driving a vehicle during their stay. Besides visitors Florida has many seasonal residents, residents and vacationers. Florida unlike many metropolitan cites in North America has no major mass transit systems. With no major public transportation personal vehicle transport is the only available mode of transport. Because of Florida’s geographic location along with no mass transportation Florida sees a very high amount of automobiles entering and leaving it’s major cities and towns.  Professional Car Transporters are constantly traveling in and out of Florida transporting vehicles to and from Florida’s major towns and cites. Transport trucks can be seen traveling on Florida’s major highways such as I-10, I-95, I-75, and Florida Turnpike. Even though there is a good amount of transport carriers in Florida you should remember that they prefer to stay on or close to the Florida’s major highways. If your vehicles origin or destination is 50 miles or more away from the major highways you could expect a slight increase transport price. This is the same case for vehicles being transported in any state in North America. Florida is a very long state heading North to South but is very narrow from East to West. Other states in America can have cities and towns that are far away from any major highways. Vehicle Transport Carriers sometimes travel up to 250 miles off route to pickup or drop off vehicles and freight. If you are planning to have a vehicle transported in or out of Florida be sure to contact us for a FREE QUOTE.

Auto Transport Florida

Posted on April 3rd, 2010 by admin

Transport of motor vehicles in and out of Florida is higher in volume than any other state in North America. The reason why Florida has more than average demand for auto transport is geographic location and lack of mass transit. Visitors and residents of Florida have limited options for personal transport when it comes time to move in and around the state of Florida. For that reason, many (P.O.V.) Personally Owned Vehicles are transported in and out of Florida.

If you are planning to have your personal vehicle transported in or out of Florida, the time and season of year can have a minor impact in transport scheduling. Every winter season, Florida sees a mass migration of seasonal residents from northern states. Vehicle transport jobs, such as auto transport from New York to Florida, New Jersey to Florida and Massachusetts to Florida, are very common. If your vehicle needs to be transported from a northern state to Florida, it is very likely that there will be many car transport trucks heading to Florida. The only problem may be that they are already booked and loaded with automobiles. You could see a 1-2 week delay at the most if you are shipping your vehicle during this time period. The industry name for this seasonal transport time is called Snowbird Auto Transport.

Vehicles requiring transport out of Florida can sometimes see minor price breaks due to the fact that more vehicles and freight enter into Florida than what leaves the state. Most transport companies will not tell you this but a lot of transport trucks leave Florida heading north with completely empty space or available transport space. Do not always expect a price reduction but your chances of getting a lower transport price may better.

Regardless of the origin and destination that you need to ship a car, you should always arrange transport ahead of time. A good rule when shipping a car is to find a transport company 3-4 weeks in advance and to book auto transport services in 1-2 weeks ahead of time.

Towing Services

Posted on March 17th, 2010 by admin

Tow trucks have a couple different names. They can be called: wrecker, flat bed wrecker, rollback, flat bed tow truck etc…  There are different tow trucks some can have a lift that will carry a vehicle by lifting one end up in the air with it’s wheel lift.  Other tow trucks can have a flatbed that tilts to the ground making a ramp for vehicles to be driven on or pulled on by a winch.  Towing and Wrecker services are usually reserved for roadside breakdowns however towing services can be used for longer distance transport jobs. It is not uncommon for a tow truck to travel 75 or more miles in one direction. Flatbed tow trucks are sometimes the only option to transport damaged non running motor vehicles and short distance transport jobs. The majority of a tow truck’s work comes from roadside breakdowns, mechanic shops, auto repair shops, auto insurance claims, auction yards, and storage facilities. Tow trucks can also be used to pickup and gather vehicles for larger car carriers that do not wish to be traveling on small roads. We have a good network of towing and wrecker services throughout North America that can provide transport service and vehicle storage. On our Free Quote page be sure to mention you need towing services in the additional information field.

Inop Auto Transport and Damaged Vehicle Transport

Posted on March 15th, 2010 by admin

Inop Auto Transport is the transportation of inoperable/inoperative vehicles. An inop vehicle is any vehicle that can not move under it’s own power. An inop can range from a vehicle that needs a jump start to a severely damaged automobile. The most important thing about transporting a non running vehicle is loading and unloading. Most inop vehicles are picked up from auction yards, towing companies, or insurance storage yards. These places will usually have loading assistance but you must make sure they are available when the transporter arrives for pickup. Whichever company you choose to move your vehicle make sure they know the extent of the damages. To remove any misunderstanding go the extra mile and send pictures of the vehicle to the transport company showing the vehicles present condition. A vehicle that can roll and steer is almost as good as a running vehicle once loaded.

Example of an Inop vehicle. This vehicle will probably not be able to roll so it will need to be forklift loaded and unloaded. This vehicle was transported from Copart has forklift loading available for all vehicles sold. You the buyer will need to provide unloading assistance with a forklift, crane, or flatbed roll off wrecker. When filling out our Free Quote form be sure to describe vehicle condition or even better provide the lot# and we can see pictures of the vehicle online.


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Moving Companies and Storage

Posted on February 24th, 2010 by admin

We are continuing to expand our services by providing industry links to moving and relocation services for our future customers. We have begun to link with residential and commercial moving companies that can provide multiple services. Most of our industry links can provide storage services for household items such as furniture, electronics, and even automobiles.

Using a towing or storage company to release/receive your vehicle.

Posted on December 27th, 2009 by admin

If you do not have any means of receiving your vehicle at it’s destination you could use a towing company or storage yard to receive the vehicle on your behalf. Some tips for you if this is your only option is to….

-use towing companies only for short term use. Example: 48hrs to 5 days

-use storage yards for short or long term storage. 24hrs to 5 days or more

-find towing and storage companies by doing an Internet search. Use the zip code of the area where you will need storage services. Type in keywords such as: storage companies Hollywood, FL 33024 or towing companies Hollywood, FL 33024. You should get more than enough results.
-find out how much their storage rates are along with the service you will need them to provide.

-most storage and towing companies will receive checks and issue them to the car transporter upon delivery.

-towing companies can also deliver your vehicle which could be very helpful in the event that you do not have a way of picking up your vehicle at the storage location.

- these services can be used at both points of transport origin/destination.

If you do not feel capable of making these types of arrangements F.D.A.T. will be more than willing to assist you. Please be sure to tell us ahead of time if you might need special services. If you are not sure that your vehicle transport job will need any special attention please be sure to ask.

BBB Accredited Auto Transport Companies

Posted on December 4th, 2009 by admin

The Better Business Bureau says “BBB accreditation does not mean that the business’ products or services have been evaluated or endorsed by BBB, or that BBB has made a determination as to the business’ product quality or competency in performing services.”

The Auto Transport and Car Shipping industry is  highly competitive. All transport companies are trying to out do each other by any means possible. In this case the term BBB accredited is used by auto transport brokers to give the impression that they are above the rest of the competition. The truth is for any business to become BBB accredited all that is needed is an paid entry fee. All transport companies provide the same basic service. The only difference between companies will be the level and quality of that service provided. To be sure that the company you use is worthy of your hard earned money ask as much question until you feel comfortable. You want to hear detailed answers for all the questions you ask.

Now offering Direct Auto Transport services

Posted on December 4th, 2009 by admin

FDAT is proud to be an innovator of this new method of auto transport/car shipping service. Basically what our new service does is allow our customers to be in control of their own vehicle transport from start to finish. We take your vehicle shipment information, analyze the transport details and assign the right transport truck for the job. When we find the proper transport truck we will then connect you directly to the carrier. The rest of the transport process is handled by you the shipper and the transport carrier. If for any reason the carrier is unable to handle your vehicle transport we will find another carrier that is able to transport your automobile. During transport if any problems or questions arise we will be able to provide 24/7 assistance. It is very simple process that allows you to save money in these tough economic times. To start your transport process just submit a free quote request  by clicking the LEARN MORE icon.

We accept PayPal too

Posted on November 17th, 2009 by admin

We are now accepting PayPal along with all major credit cards.