Here are some testimonials from our recent customers:

I shopped around looking for a dependable and reliable company to ship my 2009 BMW 335i Convertible to Sunny South Florida for the winter.  I was scared that the car might get scratched in transit so did my research to find the very best company.  I contacted Florida Direct Auto Transport and spoke to a rep that assured me my car would be transported safely. They were RIGHT!   My car arrived at my town home in South Florida From Long Island in less than a week and the price was excellent. I am very happy with my experience and will be using them again to get my car back to New York in the spring.

Evan G.
Long Island, New York

I recently bought a 05 Civic hybrid off of Ebay. I have bought cars off of Ebay before but I had never bought a hybrid vehicle. Since I live in Houston, TX I was not able to see the car in person. FloridaDirectAutoTransport.com had the driver inspect the car for me to reassure that the vehicle was everything I expected. The transport process was very smooth. I recommend them to anyone who needs Auto Transport Services.

Chris S.
Houston, Texas

I was new to auto auctions and I recently got a account at Copart.com. I was not familiar with buying auction cars but Scott really went above and beyond helping me decide which yard would be logistically ideal to buy a vehicle from.

Howard Banks

Tampa, FL

I filled out a Free Quote request form from this site and 1 other auto transport site. I got a quick email response from Scott at FloridaDirectAutoTransport.com and he explained the whole auto transport process. The next day I got calls from 10 or more companies which I didn’t understand because I only filled out 2 quote request. Scott explained that the other transport site that I placed a free quote request sold my info to about a dozen Auto Transport Broker companies. The sales pitches I got from these companies were very pressured. I learned that they use scare tactics to make me weary of other companies which in turn makes me feel safer using them. I went with FloridaDirectAutoTransport because Scott explained the transport process and industry inside out. Scott has also been a truck driver for many years so it was good to know he has been on both sides of the auto transport industry. I’ll recommend Scott to anyone who needs their vehicle moved.

Pete Roth
Atlanta, GA

Above and Beyond would not describe my experience. I bought a Volvo backhoe loader at a Copart yard in
Fort Worth, Texas. I friend of mine recommended Scott to handle my transport job. I gave Scott a call on Sunday morning, yes Sunday and he explained the transport process. I sent him a deposit and gave him all the load information. Scott had a truck in the yard on Monday ready to pickup my loader but there was a problem. The loader did not have any keys so it would be impossible to load. I was very frustrated because I needed the loader for a job site in Florida by Thursday. I called Scott and he said ” I’ll call you back I am on it”. I didn’t understand how I was going to get a key for the loader in Texas when I am in Orlando. Scott called me back and connected me on a 3 way call to a equipment dealer in Fort Worth that could make the key. I paid for the key by credit card and Scott had the driver pickup the key for me. The transport truck picked up my backhoe loader and it arrived on the job site in Orlando Wednesday afternoon. Can’t express how grateful I was to have Scott on the job. I am a busy man and he really bailed me out of that problem. Thanks,


Orlando, FL

Had a pleasant experience my car arrived in the perfect condition. Will use this company in the future.

Brain Fish

Columbia, South Carolina

I bought my car from an online auction and when I received the car it had damage that was not shown on the online auction pictures. I called Scott pretty pissed off and he said that he would investigate how it happened and assured me if it was the transport trucks fault that the insurance will cover all damages. The car I bought was very expensive so a lot of money was on the line. Scott called me back and told me that the damages came from auction storage yard where I bought the car. He emailed pictures that the driver took of the car before it was loaded and after it was loaded on the trailer. It turns out the damages came from the storage yard holding the vehicle. Scott referred me to a exotic car shop in my area that gave great deals on parts and repair. I had to write this testimonial and apologize because when I thought the damages came from Scott’s driver I was very rude to him on the phone. Thanks for your service and great attitude!

David J.

Weston, FL

I bought a new car Toyota Camry Hybrid from an out of state dealer on a Friday. I did some internet transport searching that weekend and filled out many free quote requests from transport companies FloridaDirectAutoTransport.com was the first to respond and that was on a Saturday night. I called expecting to just leave a message but instead a very helpful guy named Scott answered my call. I was very surprised that they are open for business 24/7 and Scott even explained to me that being available at all hours helps business run much smoother. He said that sometimes small problems arise that just need a simple phone call and someone to answer on the other line. I recommend this company for problem free transport.

Johnathan Reynolds
Houston, TX


I just wanted to thank you for the prompt, efficient transport of my vehicle from the East Coast ( Boca Raton, Fl) to the West Coast ( Castro Valley, Ca).
I called, your driver picked up my vehicle the next day and my car is sitting in California 5 days later! To the door, I might add. My car arrived in the same condition as when it was picked up. Your driver was very polite and trustworthy.
I am very pleased and happy to refer FloridaDirectAutoTransport.com. I will definitely use you again if needed.

Thank You,
Christine G