Using a towing or storage company to release/receive your vehicle.

If you do not have any means of receiving your vehicle at it’s destination you could use a towing company or storage yard to receive the vehicle on your behalf. Some tips for you if this is your only option is to….

-use towing companies only for short term use. Example: 48hrs to 5 days

-use storage yards for short or long term storage. 24hrs to 5 days or more

-find towing and storage companies by doing an Internet search. Use the zip code of the area where you will need storage services. Type in keywords such as: storage companies Hollywood, FL 33024 or towing companies Hollywood, FL 33024. You should get more than enough results.
-find out how much their storage rates are along with the service you will need them to provide.

-most storage and towing companies will receive checks and issue them to the car transporter upon delivery.

-towing companies can also deliver your vehicle which could be very helpful in the event that you do not have a way of picking up your vehicle at the storage location.

- these services can be used at both points of transport origin/destination.

If you do not feel capable of making these types of arrangements F.D.A.T. will be more than willing to assist you. Please be sure to tell us ahead of time if you might need special services. If you are not sure that your vehicle transport job will need any special attention please be sure to ask.